Holder Adult Diaper

The Holder Adult Diaper, with a dual-layered super absorbent area, makes those who have urinary incontinence feel safe and dry. As a result of clinical tests conducted at the German Dermatest laboratories, it has been proven that it carefully protects the skin of users with a rating of ‘5 Star Premium Segment’, the highest rating available.


Velcro Side Straps

Absorpent and dispersing layer

Non-leak barriers

Wetness indicator

Breathable side surface

Dual layer super absorbent zone

Holder Incontinence Bedsheets

Holder Bed Sheet provides for a comfortable sleep for those who have urinary incontinence problems thanks to its silky upper surface.

Silky soft surface

Protective bottom layer to prevent leakage

Comfortable sleep

Protective outer surface that does not allow liquid to leak on to the bed

Holder Body Cleaning Towel

Holder Body Cleaning Towel helps those who have urinary incontinence problems to maintain their daily cleaning and hygiene. It can be heated in a microwave oven and provides convenient and easy cleaning at body temperature.

Helps remove odour


Containing moisturizing glycerin

Alcohol, SLES, Paraben free

Dermatologically tested

Skin friendly

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